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Understanding Bariatric Surgery



Patient Education

The first step is to supply potential patients with detailed information about bariatric surgery. Hopefully, this web site is one such source.

Initial Screening

Next, the patient must demonstrate an understanding in general terms of what the program involves. The patient must have insurance coverage or other financial means to pay for the procedure.

Initial Consultation

At this meeting, the patient meets with the surgeon and his/her staff. At this meeting patients will be able to ask the doctor any medical questions they might have.

Insurance Application

After the initial consultation, staff generally work with the physician to draft a letter to the insurance company or HMO explaining why the procedure is medically necessary. Staff then work with the patient in getting approval for the procedure. Legal Assistance is available for individuals seeking specialized assistance in fighting repeated insurance denials.

Insurance Approval

Upon insurance approval, a surgery date is determined. Pre-operative testing and a psycho-social evaluation are performed.


The average length of hospitalization after surgery is three to five days. After the procedure is performed, patients begin a new life style, of which healthy eating behavior is an important component. Most patients reach healthy weight levels from twelve to eighteen months after surgery.


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